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German for Medical Professionals

11 Month language & integration course exclusively for Doctors, Special training for Fachsprachprüfung, Processing of Defizitbescheid, & Approbation applications. All inclusive.


Our Approach


Professionals, who work/seek job or education need to have basic to advanced German knowledge depending on the career they choose. At Academy for medical and technical integration, “German for professionals” is not just another course. instead, it is us. It has increasing importance as the specific language exam is getting tougher day by day to pass. We believe in the implementation of specialised strategies tailored especially for various professionals.

In our experience, students learning German language from their home countries face difficulties with day to day communication, integrating with the German system and above all excelling in their career. Collecting suggestion from hundreds of professionals from various countries working in Germany, we found the solution lies in learning from native speakers, in the German environment and integration of professional communication right from the beginning.

Our Course

Our batch for this year at Ameti Akademie, Germany with our one of the directors, Pravallika Jallipalli. They are learning the German language from our experts, helping them to pursue their higher goals.


Modular further education of the German language as well as preparation for the specialized language examination with the aim; Acquisition of the temporary licence to work as a Doctor; Berufserlaubnis or the permanent licence; Approbation. The contents of the course are based on the linguistic challenges for foreign doctors in German hospitals.

Target group

Doctors from different countries who are seeking medical practice in Germany.

Entry requirements

  • University degree in Medicine
  • Work permit / approval in the home country or study country
  • Language requirements: Goethe certificate A1


  • German language A2-B2 level
  • Basic Vocabulary / Simple Communication Medicine from B1 level
  • Preparation for the Special language examination:Fachsprachenprüfung (C1 level)
  • o vocabulary medicine
  • o Physical examination and documentation
  • o Patient presentation / transfer interview
  • o Understand specialist lectures and presentation skills
  • o Doctor-patient communication in the hospital
  • o Written documentation
  • o doctor-doctor communication in the hospital
  • o Simulation tests in the exam formats Telc B2 / C1-Fachsprachprüfung Medizin

Final Examination

Telc B2 / C1 Specialist Medical Examination

Course Start

01 July 2019

Course location

Bayreuth, Bavaria

Class Timings:

Regular: Monday to Friday 08:30 to 14:00 Daily 5 UE


As teachers, doctors and lecturers for German as a foreign language with an additional qualification as a trainer for medical specialized language courses are appointed. Learning materials are selected according to the target group. Situational tasks, worksheets, regular online supplementary materials as well as a library enable practice-oriented learning.

Course Fees

Upon enquiry*
• Application for VAT exemption pursuant to § 4 no. 21 a, bb UstG will be submitted to the Landesamt shortly.

Our Services


Career Guidance

Guidance to the entire procedure will be provided to every Ameti student free of cost.



In addition to external B2 & B2/C1 FSP Telc examinations, student´s proficiency will be constantly assessed by internal exams.



We cooperate with an agency that takes care of accommodations. A room with shared kitchen and Bathroom costs on average between 350 and 400 € per month.


Language & Culture Trips

Language and Culture based travel to various locations in Germany are part the curriculum. Additional programs can be booked separately.



A library facility is available for the students in the Institute without additional costs.



Free Wi-Fi is available at the Campus.

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